Wooohoooo!   We just registered three additional domain names for our site.  They are not yet "hooked up" but will be over the next couple of weeks.  They will all point to this site.


We also have www.AmericanCentralStore.com which already does point to this site.

Here is more to the domain story:

The American Central Store LLC actually consists of three sites:

www.TheAmericanCentralStore.com - This site, which is a drop-shipping site.  This means that your order is placed and you pay on this site, but the Manufacturer fulfills your order directly to you.  It's a new and great way of doing business.  The American Free-Market is wide open!  (Except for various ridiculous regulations that We The People will hopefully reduce as time goes on.)

www.AmericanCentralAffiliateStore.com - This is an Affiliate Marketing site.  This means that you will see products on the site, but when you click the link, you will be taken to the Manufacturer/Merchant site and you'll place the order there.  We get a commission for placing those links, at no cost to you.  Literally, the price is exactly the same as if you go to the Merchant site directly.

www.1776PatriotCentral.com - This is not built yet.  This will be a news/blog/video/information site which will contain everything an American-loving citizen needs to know to help safeguard our Republic.  A main focus will be on "how to communicate with your elected officials" and "how to run for office."

Today's world is very techy.  We are trying to keep up.   We invite you to sign up to our mailing list to keep up with our activities.  One day... we will be bigger than Amazon.  Believe it!