1. Gerstner & Sons Personalized Brass Nameplate
Gerstner & Sons Personalized Brass Nameplate
Beautiful personalized brass nameplate

Gerstner & Sons Personalized Brass Nameplate

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Gerstner & Sons Personalized Brass Nameplate
Part Number: 34
Vendor Location: The Great State of Ohio
Classification: 4 of 5 Flags: Manufactured in the USA. American-owned. While materials substantially sourced from the USA, one or more components made elsewhere.

Gerstner Personalized Brass Nameplate - Add the touch of personalization to your chest. This acid etched nameplate can be personalized with an engraving that is up to 22 characters long (including spaces). Quick and easy installation with Peel & Stick adhesive backing.

The size of the nameplate is 3" wide by 1" high.

The raw brass coil used for the plate comes from Europe (because none is made here in the US). However... the beautiful and high quality finished product is manufactured completely here in America.

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.  This item will be delivered in a separate shipment than your Chest and so unavoidably there is a $5.95 separate shipping charge.

Nameplate may typically only be purchased with the purchase of this product.  If purchased afterwards, please note:  Since this part has the Gerstner Name on it, understandably, you must provide proof of ownership of a Gerstner Chest before they will ship the part.  You can send a digital photo of your chest as proof of ownership to [email protected]