Connie's American Flag

When I was young, and very politically naive, I didn’t realize that the life that we enjoyed here in these United States of America, was not promised. Just like my assumption that my parents and grandparents and sister would always be there, in my life, I assumed that freedom would always exist. I’m thankful that at 64, I still do have my parents and my sister, and was blessed with having my grandmother until 2006 and my grandfather until 2015.

My freedom on the other hand, seems to be dying. I’ve only realized over the last 12 or 13 years, that anyone who was born in 1959, like I was, has never actually known the freedoms that our Founders fought for and enjoyed and had planned for all of us. I don’t even think that my grandparents knew that degree of freedom.

As a matter of FACT, I didn’t even know that I was supposed to have those freedoms.  That is because I attended horrible public schools in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Marxist indoctrination that painted “the government” as a God, was part of my education. I also didn't know that the PRIMARY job of our government is to protect and assure our liberty, guarding our tax dollars along the way.

Between unbelievable taxes, invasion of privacy, violations of free speech and needing to have “permission” from the government for just about anything we do, including travel, I can see that we have really lost our way as American citizens.

Add to that, the horrific events of the Covid shutdowns and mandates of all kinds, we are now almost no better than Communist China. For those whose initial reaction is that I am over exaggerating, talk to any number of people who had their livelihoods destroyed by the shutdowns, or those who have died from the vaccine, or those who died in hospitals due to the bizarre forced use of a certain drug, and forced intubation.

Then add the stunning election fraud that has taken place. Proof has existed for many years that the electronic voting machines and ballot marking devices were extremely vulnerable to electronic hacking and other computerized interference. Yet… we un-free Americans were told that we had to accept it. Truly, any IT/Computer person can tell you the dangers of electronic voting. Any honest one, that is.

And so, here on the 247 th anniversary of our birth as a Republic, we have some dire problems which need to be addressed. It’s time for every citizen to gain an understanding of just what our Founders wanted us to have. The gift which we received that none of us had to pay for. It’s time for every citizen to step up, and do their civic duty to protect our liberty. Pay attention, join organizations, vote for only people who will adhere to the Constitution (which is VERY hard for elected folks to do, no matter how good they are), and work for changes to the election process in your State.

That’s the sad prose, but the things I am able to celebrate are still many:

  • Our Constitution
  • Honorable elected officials
  • Schools that teach real history and the value of freedom
  • Patriots across the country, who are working very hard to get us back on track
  • Our absolutely exquisite lands
Happy Independence Day 2023. I’m counting on our Patriots to make 2024 a better one.