Constitution Day commemorates the signing of the U.S. Constitution by thirty-nine amazing men on September 17, 1787. Two hundred thirty-four years ago these gentlemen set in (what should be) stone, a blueprint for a representative government OF the people. Over sixty other nations have patterned their own Constitutions based on ours. People across the world dream of the liberty that our Constitution promises us.  We at The American Central Store would like to think that all generations of Americans, be they born or naturalized, feel the utmost gratitude for the gift they have been given.  We do.

Did you know that the Constitution is a set of rules FOR the government and a list of our many rights acknowledged as being granted by Nature and Nature’s God?  Unalienable rights, meaning that no lien can be placed upon them.  Rights not granted by “the government.”  A right granted by a government can be taken away.  Rights we are born with cannot be taken away. At least in our country.  The government exists to PROTECT those rights. 

Did you realize that the State that you live in agreed to abide by that list of rights when they signed on to become a State in these United States?  I didn’t know that.  I didn’t learn that until my fourth decade of life.  I was taught quite the opposite in the public schools I attended.  

We also want to thank each of our wonderful patriotic and valued customers for letting us still be here to celebrate the two year anniversary of the founding of our eCommerce site  Despite the economic disaster and other issues plaguing our beautiful country, we are still in business.  We are amazed by that, and oh so grateful.  

We are still looking for more and more products.  As you can see while shopping on our site, we are about a million products behind the monster Amazon!!  If you know anyone who makes a quality American-made product who can dropship directly to the customer, please send them our way.  They can visit this page to find out more:

Happy Constitution Day 2021 and Happy Second Anniversary to The American Central Store.  

Sincerely, Connie the Patriot