Happy New Year from AmericanCentralStore.com

How grateful and invigorated we are here at AmericanCentralStore.com to live in the most amazing country in history.

We are looking forward to a superb 2020.

We send love and best wishes to all of our wonderful American manufacturers and their employees and families.

We also send love and thanks to our FANTASTIC customers!  Without YOU this effort would be pointless.

We want to send prayers for safety and feelings of immense gratitude to our active military who are guarding our lives and liberty.

We feel that 2020 is going to be a special year on many levels.  This is our year to move this company into being the Amazon.com of American-made products. Yep, we said it!!  Look out Jeff Bezos!  Of course, we still need to add about 610,000,000 products, but you know what... we're gonna do it!!    As Mom used to say, "inch by inch... it's a cinch!"  It may take a few years, but we'll get there.

We don't really have to add that many, because we'll be more like the "old" Amazon, where they were the seller of everything and there were not "Amazon shops."  Amazon shops are great and we're always glad for any company to sell products, particularly American-made products, but we feel that shopping on Amazon was better when they were the only seller.  It was MUCH less complicated.

Note:  The pretty rustic American Flag image we used in the blog was created by: ID 47628909 © Ayse Ezgi Icmeli | Dreamstime.com
We purchase images for use on our blog and appreciate the talent of the artist.  If you need art, please consider Dreamstime.com as your source.
Just so ya know... we are not compensated for that endorsement. We just really like Dreamstime and the artists who upload their work there.