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Hooch Rack – Illuminated Bar Riser (NOW in stock for the holidays!!)
Hooch Rack – Illuminated Bar Riser (NOW in stock for the holidays!!)

Hooch Rack – Illuminated Bar Riser (NOW in stock for the holidays!!)

On sale: $229.00 $160.00
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The Hooch Rack – Illuminated Bar Riser
Part Number: 33-2-2
Vendor Location: The Great State of Ohio
Classification: 4 of 5 Flags: American-owned company. This product manufactured in America and made of materials substantially sourced from America.

Give your finest liquors the top-shelf treatment with this illuminated riser. Pick your favorite color to reflect off the glass bottles, or set it to color change for a glowing Aurora Borealis effect.

Scott, the President of Gerstner, likes to try out different brands of whiskey with a few of his friends. That’s what he was planning for when he invited them all to his Super Bowl party. While setting up, he wanted to add a little showmanship when he revealed his prize whiskey collection—it is a party, after all. He just couldn’t find exactly what he envisioned, and certainly nothing for a price he was willing to pay. So Scott got together with the Gerstner engineers and the Hooch Rack – Illuminated Riser was born. It had the high-tech design and clever features he was looking for to make his whiskey shelf unique. It was a hit at the party, and it’ll be a hit at your home, too.

Elevate your spirits and give them that “top-shelf” look with the Hooch Rack. It’s that Vegas look any good poker night needs, and it’ll make your home bar memorable. The LED lights make the shelves and the glass bottles glow. You can choose a particular color, maybe your home team’s color, or you can select one of the 24 pre-programmed patterns and enjoy a sort of Aurora Borealis effect as it turns seamlessly from one hue to the next. All you Mad Men and Women out there, this looks nice on the shelf in your corner office, too. It’s a classy way to display those fine spirits you toast signing that big deal or winning the big case with.

24"Wide x 8-1/2"Tall x 9"Deep

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