We are not a traditional online store. We sell only products manufactured in the United States and we utilize Drop-Shippers.

What is Drop-Shipping?:

Drop-Shipping is an additional opportunity for manufacturing merchants to wholesale their products to retailers. It is a method of selling in which an online retailer sells products but those products are shipped directly to the consumer by the manufacturer/merchant, not the retailer.

  • The online Retailer chooses products they think will sell on their site.
  • The online Retailer does not house any of the products at their location.
  • The products are sold to the online retailer at a negotiated wholesale rate.
  • The merchant ships the products one by one to individual customers. It’s very suited to manufacturing merchants who are already shipping products to individual customers.
  • It’s a great way for small merchants to give their products more of an internet presence. Once you drop-ship for us, you’ll know how to do it and you’ll be able to offer that service to others.  The more American-made products are sold, the better, no matter who is selling them.

About us:

My name is Connie Zimmermann and I am the face of this new Made in the USA online retail site (www.TheAmericanCentralStore.com). We just launched the site on Constitution Day, September 17, 2019.  I am looking for Drop-Shipping merchants who make products here in America.  Among the array of businesses I will appreciate, are:

  • Veteran-owned
  • Sole Proprietors
  • Mom & Pop
  • Startups
  • Small businesses
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Big businesses

My husband is a partner in this but works a more-than-full-time job in the automotive field.

Our only general requirements are that:

  1. You can provide us with the data we need to sell your goods
  2. You ship your products promptly
  3. Generally, you are not a middle-man, except in certain circumstances. We can discuss.

At this time I am basically a one-(wo)man show, but can ramp up resources quickly when I am generating enough sales.  I’m a very dedicated and hard worker and long hours are my friend. We may have only a few products at startup but if you come along for the ride we might all make a lot more money.  I need products!

How it works…   Orders, Taxes, Shipping Charges and Returns

  • A customer places an order on our site. An email is automatically generated to you.
  • We collect the purchase price, the shipping charge and the sales taxes.
  • You ship it as you normally would and we'll reimburse you for shipping and handling.
  • We pay all of the taxes to each State’s taxing authority where applicable (where there is Geographic, Transactional or Financial Threshold Nexus). We are using an online tax automation service which is integrated with our Shopping Cart software/host.
  • Returns will be sent directly back to you by the customer. We will send the customer the shipping label, unless they are required to cover the shipping themselves. We'll customize Returns to work for you and us.
  • You can send us an invoice and we'll promptly pay, or we can provide you with our credit card number and you can charge us when the order is shipped.

Because drop-shipping is a developing business model, and it’s definitely new to us, we are learning every day. 

The most complicated parts that I can see are related to shipping and related to the data you’ll provide. Explained:


We'll need you to tell us the shipping and handling for each item, which we charge the customer and reimburse you.


We’ll need lots of data about your products and several nice-looking images of the products in specific dimensions/sizes sent to us separately.  Don’t be scared of this!!!   We realize that for small businesses who may not have a “techie” person on staff, this may be a challenge and so in the beginning I will help as much as I can.  We need products and we understand the challenge.  If your business is located in South Louisiana, or within a couple of hours of the New Orleans area, I can come to you and teach you how to put the info together, and help, if time allows.

We are focusing on Louisiana businesses first, because logistically it’s easier because we are located in Louisiana and we LOVE the Great State of Louisiana. We LOVE all of our cuisine and music and history and the fact that it’s such a Sportman’s Paradise here, and for sales tax reasons too… but we cherish businesses in all of the other Great States as well.  We want to eventually have ALL American-made products made by every business in every State.  Yes, it’s a lofty goal, but… why not?  We want to be the Amazon.com of American-made goods.

Our primary philosophical requirement is that you must know and accept that we believe in the Free Market, Capitalism and a strong and thriving American Republic.  We are patriots and proud to be Americans.

There are lots of other questions you may have and if I can I will answer them, or I will get the answer.

Please let me know if you are interested. There is no obligation if you email or call to ask questions, and there are no bad questions.


[email protected]

504-275-9676  (10am to 6pm - Monday through Friday)