Made in America MONTH

Hello Patriots!

I’ve personally decided that I want a whole month dedicated to encourage Americans to buy American-made products, and to encourage businesses to manufacture their products in the USA.  Our liberty and our economy should be our highest priorities at this time. Without liberty and without a robust domestic economy, we shall not thrive.

An economy OF the people.

An economy BY the people.

An economy FOR the people.

These United States of America are composed of people.  Free people who populate Cities, Towns, Villages, in Counties (Parishes in Louisiana) and States.  We need a fertile economy for all of us to own our own businesses, or to work for others and make paychecks, maybe play the markets and primarily to enjoy financial security as individuals and as a Republic.  This puts rooves over our heads and food on our table.

We've had a “Buy American Day” which is called Manufacturing Day and is the first Friday in October.

Then we extended it to "Made in America Week."

Now I would like to extend it to the entire month of October as “Buy American Month” or “Made in America Month” or something along those lines.  (I realize that it may take a few years to get it going, but we need it ASAP!!)

Of course, it goes without saying that we’d like every single day to be Buy American Day, but we know that people need to focus on family, jobs, doing their civic duty, and some recreation, so we are proposing that we narrow it down to one month and really GO CRAZY promoting it during that time.

This would encourage:

  • US Manufacture of products we NEED so we no longer rely on political adversaries to produce medicines, food and certain technologies.  We are irresponsible for doing that in the first place.
  • A strong vibrant economy with lots and lots of innovation because companies won’t be struggling to survive.
  • Production of more products that are in demand across our country and across the world.
  • October seems to be a great month to buy American-made products due to the upcoming holidays and end of the year spending needs for businesses.

What do you think?  Can we as a country promote an entire month to encourage people to buy American-made products?

We’ll need local, state and federal elected folk to participate.  We’ll need businesses to participate.  We’ll definitely need the manufacturers to participate.

Importantly, as we personally shop in our local stores, it’s not a bad thing to ask the store-owner for American-made products.  In a polite way, of course.

If you have suggestions pertaining to this idea, if you don’t mind, please email me (Connie) at the address on our Contact page:

A little Trivia:

As shocking as it may be, in the history of our country, there was no trade show that specialized in American-made products until 2019.  I had the chance to attend and it was fantastic!  I wrote about the experience here:

Then... the (apparently) engineered Wuhan virus proliferated the globe and shut down business and economies almost everywhere and the next three Made in America trade shows had to be canceled due to the logistical complications of the shutdowns.  BUT… in October 2023 there will be another one in Louisville, Kentucky, and I am extremely excited to attend. To learn more about that show, visit this link:

PS:   Interestingly, the most difficult part of running a Made in America shopping site, is finding products made in America!!  We are always looking for manufacturers/merchants who can dropship their quality products to our awesome customers.  Please tell your merchant friends.