I am back at my hotel after the first full day of the Made In America 2019 Trade Show at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indiana. It was such a GREAT day!  I met so many manufacturers and merchants.  All patriots. All work hard to manufacture their products in America.  It is such a joy to see so many products with MADE IN USA stamped proudly on them.

Connie the Patriot at the Made in America 2019 Trade Show

A pleasant surprise is that there are so many Veteran-owned businesses represented here.  It really makes my heart feel so good.  I am in awe of the courage and sacrifice that these heroes displayed on the battle-field and in every day of their lives.

I am hoping that over the next several months, I'll be adding many products from this trade show, and I will also add a search filter for "Veteran-owned" when I get enough products to filter!

There were at least two manufacturers today whose products are 100% made in the USA and all materials sourced from the USA.   They will be in our 5 Flag classification when they are added to this site.

I am so proud to be an American.  A privilege and a gift.

PS  Last night the opening ceremony of the show included musical performances by DJ Sinister, Big & Rich, and patriot-extraordinaire Ted NugentWHAT A SHOW!!  A dandy way to kick off this trade show.

Ted Nugent at the Made in American 2019 Trade Show