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One Flag, One America - Children's book - Hardcover
One Flag, One America Patriotic Children's Book Made in America

One Flag, One America - Children's book - Hardcover

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One Flag, One America - Children's book
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Vendor Location: The Great State of Louisiana
Classification: 5 of 5 Flags: American-owned company. This product manufactured in America and made of materials 100% sourced from America.

From well known New Orleans author/illustrator and publisher: Michelle Hirstius.

Take a journey with this little star... “I’m a little star, just a little star. I wish and I pray, to be a star on our nation’s flag someday!” Along the way he teaches children the true meaning of the American flag and what it stands for. Why does the flag have 50 stars? Why does the flag have 13 stripes? Why is the flag red, white and blue? Children learn to stand in honor of our flag, read the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem to our heroes that made us free.

This educational and inspirational book makes it fun for children and adults to learn the history of our nation’s flag. The little star does make it to the nation’s flag, teaching children to aim high and never sway so they can be like the star and reach their goals.

Each patriotic page is beautifully illustrated in full color and written for teachers and parents to easily make the story into a small play for children to interact and learn.

Author Michelle Hirstius is proud to show her love of country, its heroes and its flag. She has dedicated this book to our heroes in uniform with a special dedication to her grandfather, a Navy World War II veteran. She will donate 10 percent of the book proceeds to veterans’ charities.

The American Star Plush Pillow and the One Flag, One America book are sold separately.