This is a transcript of the video:

Hello Patriots!

This coming September 17th 2022 will be the three year anniversary of and I want to give you a message.

We launched on Constitution Day 2019 and not long after that the shutdowns and mandates started.  It’s not an excuse for my business growing slowly, but it is a factor. I personally spent a lot of time at protest rallies to stop the shutdowns because they were killing businesses and destroying lives across the country, especially in my home state of Louisiana. Sadly, the protest cries fell on my governor’s deaf ears and so many, many small businesses across the state have closed.  

That makes this message all the more important. AmericanCentralStore is far from being profitable, as we are still a newbie startup, but I can see that this is going to work if I can get enough products on my site, and get my message out. It gives our remaining small businesses, the opportunity to sell the products in an additional retail location.

The mission of this company, is to help build back the American economy, in every way we can. Selling goods made in America is an important tool in this endeavor.  We can clearly see that relying on Communist China (or any other country) is a bad move.

Today, our American economy is of even more critical importance. So I made this video, to thank you who makes an effort to buy products which are manufactured in OUR country. 

Thank you for your patriotism.