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Saint Catherine of Siena - Hand-Painted Saint medal
Saint Catherine of Siena

Saint Catherine of Siena - Hand-Painted Saint medal

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Hand-painted Saint Catherine of Siena medal
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Vendor Location: The Great State of Louisiana
Classification: 3 of 5 Flags: American-owned company. This product manufactured in America but only a small percentage of the materials sourced from America.

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As one of only four female Doctors of the Church, Saint Catherine of Siena is the patroness of female strength and “Girl Power.” As a result of her diplomatic skills, Catherine was one of the most prominent lay members of the Church during her day and remains so in modern memory. She convinced the Papacy to move back to Rome! Saint Catherine serves as a model of strength for all women!  (25 March 1347 – 29 April 1380)

She became known for giving to the poor and for her religious nature after she had a mystical religious experience when she was 21.  Instead of joining a convent, she joined a religious society called the Third Order of St. Dominic and so was able to live at home.  She spent a lot of time visiting the poor and sick at their homes and also hospitals. Those compassionate and kind actions caused people to follow her and help her and eventually seek advice and leadership from her on religious matters. Her primary mission was to help the sick and the poor.

Your order includes:

  • The vibrant one-of-a-kind hand-painted saint medal, painted in New Orleans.
  • A metal necklace or clasp (your choice!)
  • The story of your Saint in greeting card format
  • A felt pouch for safekeeping
  • Unique prayer cards from Rome, Italy
  • An extra envelope for easy mailing or gifting
  • A money back guarantee, “No Questions Asked.”  Rob and Saints for Sinners stand by their work.

The stories are sometimes embellished, paraphrased, or updated, but overall, they retain the theme presented at canonization or veneration. That's what makes them more special!

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