Received this message from the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office on 02/07/2020.  I am a bit impressed.  Something to actually HELP small business in Louisiana, the home State of!!  It seems that governments of all sizes do nothing but infringe on business freedom.  At least now we'll get a warning so that we can do our civic duty and FIGHT against that!

"I am pleased to inform you of a new law enacted to protect Louisiana’s small businesses. The Small Business Protection Act, Act 204 of the 2019 Regular Louisiana Legislative Session, creates a database of existing and proposed legislation that may impact a small business and makes the information available through our website. Small Business owners can visit to sign up to receive emails alerting them to proposed rules and regulations impacting their industry. This new feature assists a business in keeping track of new or existing regulations. But more importantly, it also allows input from the public prior to implementation of the rule/regulation, thereby giving a voice to small businesses.

It is my hope that this act will improve state rule-making by creating procedures to analyze the availability of more flexible regulatory approaches for small businesses. The majority of Louisiana workers are employed by small businesses, so it is critical that regulatory costs and burdens for small businesses be kept to a minimum. Decreases in regulatory costs result in increases in the amount of capital available to create more jobs in Louisiana.

The Small Business Protection Act took effect on February 1st so the database is live now, and businesses can register for updates in their industry at If you have any questions or concerns regarding this act or any other commercial procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

R. Kyle Ardoin
Secretary of State"