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The 1900 Gerstner & Sons "Shooter's Companion" Finely-crafted Wooden Chest

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The 1900 Gerstner & Sons "Shooters Companion" Chest
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The 1900 Shooter's Companion is portability, convenience and tradition refined. Not meant as a replacement to the highly popular 1901G shooters chest. The 1900 is purpose built and designed for ease of use as a portable tote case.

Felt-Lined Drawers and Storage Compartments - The felt-lined cushioned interiors provide special protection against moisture and abrasions for precision tools.

The fully integrated quick-set skeletonized gun forks can be ready for action in less than 10 seconds. The movable storage compartment dividers keep accessories in their place while on the go. The 1900 like its bigger brother has a handy removable utility tray that can be loaded with your most essential items.

Remove the screws holding the gun forks to turn this case into a handy Utility Case.

Careful design, material selection and engineering has resulted in a 33% weight savings compared to the model 1901.

The Gerstner 1900, the companion you need and the name you want for that next big adventure.

Case comes with shoulder strap and luggage tag shown in photos.

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