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The Fish Grip, Jr.
The Fish Grip, Jr. 'All American Colors' (Red, White, Blue)

The Fish Grip, Jr. "All American Colors" (Red, White, Blue)

Your Price: $10.99
The Fish Grip JUNIOR "All American Colors" (Red, White, Blue) fish grabber/holder
Part Number: 01-3780-AAJR
Vendor Location: The Great State of Mississippi
Classification: 5 of 5 Flags: American-owned company. This product manufactured in America and made of materials 100% sourced from America.

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Helpful Note:  When not being used, store your Fish Grips in their relaxed positions. This will keep your Fish Grips at their best!

The Fish Grip Jr. lets you grab the fish by the lip and holds it like pliers. It is approximately 7 inches long.  Made for smaller fish or hands.  This item is the JUNIOR size. There are three sizes: 

The Fish Grip is made of sturdy THRIVE composite which keeps it lightweight and allows it to float.

The Fish Grip is available in your choice of six solid colors and three All-American colors!

This and all of The Fish Grip family of products are proudly made in the USA.

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