So I’m walking through the inaugural Made in America Trade Show in 2019 in Indianapolis at the Indiana Convention Center and I pass a booth with some very cool fishing tools.  Being from the Great State of Louisiana, known as Sportsman’s Paradise, I tend to notice and take interest in sporting goods products.  Something about the booth made me suspicious that the company was from Louisiana, but LO and Behold, they were actually headquartered in our neighboring state, the Great State of Mississippi.

The fellow running the booth was Tucker Hoge.  He’s a GREAT guy and his company and products are top notch.  That’s one of the pleasures of dealing with American-made products.  In most cases they are high quality in craftsmanship and materials.

The main product which caught my eye, was The Fish Grip.  It’s a plyers type of tool that you use to hold the fish to make it easier to get the hook out.  I was always a bit creeped-out by having to hold the fish (yes, I’m a girl) so this really appeals to me!  You can also use it to hold the fish in the water on a line tied to your boat if you want to keep the fish alive for release.

While living in Mississippi, Tucker says he spends a LOT of time in Louisiana.  Since his products help Luziana folks fish better, I consider him an honorary Louisianian.

We are adding more of his products in the weeks to come, but I wanted to get this out there  so no one misses a chance to get their own Fish Grip ASAP.  Upcoming products are The Blabber Mouth popping cork, and a telescoping Lasso Net.  Stay tuned!