I just spent about thirty minutes searching cyberspace to find the origin of the term Drop-Shipping.  I did this because TheAmericanCentralStore.com is a Drop-Shipping site and I wanted to make sure my assumption of the meaning of the term was correct.  I assumed it to mean the the product is shipped and dropped directly to the consumer.  I didn't find anything specific which said something like, "the expression Drop-Ship was started by businessman John Doe..."   but after reading a bunch of descriptions of what drop-shipping does, I think my assumption is correct.

A drop-shipping site is one where the Retailer takes the Order for the Product from the Customer, and the Manufacturer of that product ships that product directly to the customer.  We (the retailer) don't stock any items in a warehouse or a physical store.  It's a really great concept which, although labor intensive (time and brain) on the web design side, is a wonderful way for the retailer to make sales, and for the manufacturer to get their product in front of more and more potential customers.

I did find this nice blog article in a blog on a retail site (which must be a drop-shipping company too!):

It says the practice of Drop-Shipping started in the 1950s with Mail Order catalogs.  Neat!