Although we've been working on this for years... our site is brand new.  We officially launched on Constitution Day, September 17th, 2019. 

We have one great (but lonely) merchant right now in our store. They are our very-first merchant and will be forever in our hearts. They are Yellow Dog Table. Sturdy American-made little personal tables to use at the beach, camping, tailgating or anywhere you need to place a plate and a drink or your phone or a book.  They come in their own backpack sack.  They are a great gift for others, or better yet... for yourself!

I am on the hunt for merchants and will consider our first milestone to be 10 merchants in our family.  I'll send out an announcement to our mailing list when we hit that goal.

This is an exciting time for folks who love America and want to see us strong economically and societally.  Supporting our hard-working American manufacturers and merchants is a top-notch way to do your part.